Dr. Rainer Booth (attorney)
Phone: +49 6105 921355 or +49 69 71033330
Email: dr-buchert(kwfat)dr-buchert(kwfdot)de

Thomas Rorbach (attorney)
Phone: +49 69 65300356
Email: rohrbach(kwfat)ra-rohrbach(kwfdot)de



The telephone number +49 69 65300490 will inform you in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese and Italian how to contact the Ombudsman. Notes in languages other than German and English can also be submitted by fax: +49 69 65009523.

Online message to the Ombudsman

In addition to the classic ways to report abuse, we can now use the so-called BKMS for online messaging. Through this system, communications can be made available to the Ombudsman of the Volkswagen Group in a technically secure area from anywhere in the world and at any time.

This system is available in German and English and can be accessed through the following websites: