Possibilities to develop

As of 1 March 2011, Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) became a 100 % subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and hence an integral element of the most successful European automobile manufacturer. It brought full circle the historical development that began with Ferdinand Porsche's design of the Volkswagen and which formed the basis for the successful evolution of the two Porsche companies in Salzburg and in Stuttgart that today are a considerable part of this group as a whole. Porsche and Piëch, the two original shareholding families, continue to be significantly involved in the on-going development of the automotive group, holding key positions as principal stakeholders in Volkswagen AG and as members of the supervisory board.

Through integration into the Volkswagen Group, Porsche Holding in Salzburg was given new sales responsibilities, which in turn triggered rapid growth within the company starting in 2012.

Porsche Ceska republika: Another big challenge for PHS.

New import responsibilities in the CEE countries

In 2012, PHS assumed overall market responsibility for the Czech Republic, making Porsche Cesca republika behind Austria the second largest importer within the company. At the same time, the brands also saw expansion in some markets in Eastern Europe, such as in Albania with Volkswagen passenger cars as well as in Ukraine and Slovakia with SEAT. By creating Porsche Croatia in 2013, PHS takes over 100% of the market responsibility in Croatia for the passenger car Group brands.

Taking over import operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2015 was a further step in Porsche Holding's growth strategy. It is thus represented as the importer in all the successor states of the former Yugoslavia.

First experience in the South American market

Initial steps have also been undertaken in South America in 2012. In Colombia, PHS launched its import activities with Volkswagen passenger cars, Volkswagen trucks & buses as well as with MAN trucks. Followed by Chile in 2013 where PHS imports Volkswagen passenger cars & LCV's, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen trucks & buses as well as MAN trucks, gathering first experiences within the truck business.

Rapid growth in retail

The Volkswagen Group entrusted PHS with responsibility for its 200 own dealerships in Germany, Spain and Poland.

PHS is also expanding its network of retailers in China and is set to oversee 20 retailers by the end of 2013.

Expansion towards ASEAN region

Porsche Holding launches its first distribution operations in the ASEAN region, taking over import business for Volkswagen Passenger Cars in Malaysia in September 2016 and in Singapore in April 2017.

France: retail operations reorganised

In summer 2017 Porsche Holding Salzburg reorganised its sales operations in France, selling all of the PGA dealerships that carried models by non-Group manufacturers. The newly founded Volkswagen Group Retail France (VGRF) brought together all the retail dealerships that exclusively sell Volkswagen Group brands. At the end of 2017 all the signs were pointing towards growth again: Porsche Holding Salzburg acquired a group of private dealerships in northern France.

Financial services

Porsche Bank has also enlarged its range of services while significantly increasing its presence across large parts of Europe and in South America.

IT business

Porsche Informatik has also benefitted from the company's rapid growth. CROSS, the dealer management system developed by Porsche Informatik, is slated to become the global standard within the Volkswagen Group.