Internationalisation as chance of a lifetime

Political changes in Eastern Europe brought Porsche the "chance of a lifetime": In 1990, Volkswagen AG commissioned Porsche Holding to establish a distribution network for Volkswagen brands in Hungary. The newly formed Porsche Hungaria contributed to Porsche's reputation in the region through its rapid success in the market there. In addition, Porsche set up more retail operations and became authorised as a VW and Audi dealer in Bratislava and Prague.

Importer contract for Slovakia...

After the separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the importer contract for Slovakia followed in 1993, determining the new supply lines.

… and Slovenia

On the other hand, supply to Slovenia of VW and Audi models from businesses owned in Sarajevo became impossible due to the break-up of Yugoslavia and the war that followed. Eventually, in 1993, Volkswagen AG awarded Porsche the contract to serve as importer in Slovenia, following consideration of all the applicants.

Further expansion in CEE

Porsche Holding continued its pioneering work in establishing distribution networks for Volkswagen Group brands in the former Eastern bloc countries. Porsche's investment in the long-term development of these new markets expanded into Romania in 1997 and to Croatia in 1999 (joint venture). At the start of the new millennium Porsche Holding also opened automotive dealerships in Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria (2004), Albania and Macedonia (2005) and the Ukraine (2008).

Direct trade of exclusive brands

Porsche Holding entered a very exclusive market sector with the addition of sales of the brands Bentley (2000) and Lamborghini (2001) through Exclusive Cars Vertriebs GmbH in Vienna. Since April 2006 the subsidiary company has also been an authorised sales partner for the Bugatti brand in Austria and the countries of Southeastern Europe.